Hyprland key bindings

modkey = windows button or something similar


switch workspaces with modkey + [0-10]

move window to another workspace with modkey + SHIFT + [0-10]


move window by using modkey + left mouse click + move mouse

resize window by using modkey + right mouse click + move mouse

toggle split stack mode of windows with modkey + j

turn window to floating with modkey + v

move focus to another window in workspace with modkey + arrow key


kill window with modkey + SHIFT + c

exit hyprland with modkey + SHIFT + q

open terminal with modkey + SHIFT + enter

open launcher with modkey + p

open Firefox with modkey + SHIFT + b

open pcmanfm with modkey + SHIFT + f

take screenshot with modkey + SHIFT + s

Take a Break From Meatspace

All my key bindings while using hyprland. Could change later

By Collin