Using an Ipod in 2023

I’ve been watching videos from dankpods for about a year now and I’ve decided to buy an Ipod. There are three reasons why I wanted to do this:


The Ipod classic 4th generation does not have wifi or bluetooth capability, this means I can listen to my music completely offline. I used to use streaming services for music like spotify and youtube before so using an Ipod will cut down on the data linked to my music tastes being exploited.


Having a device just for music means I won’t be using my phone for listening to music. You can’t do much on an Ipod besides listening to music, so I will be forced to be much more focused while working.


taking apart a used Ipod and fixing it up is fun!

Take a Break From Meatspace

My journey of flashmodding and using an Ipod classic

By Collin, 2023-01-27