Jailbreaking IOS 6.1.3 In 2021 Is a Wild Ride

So, you want to jailbreak your old iPod touch? Well, you’ll need

You use Linux?

No big deal. Boot up your windows vm and plug in your iPod to see what we are dealing with.

Oh btw, Virtual Box isn’t going to recognize your iPod touch. Not sure why but we aren’t saying how to fix it ;)

Alright no problem, just grab your old macbook and boot it up. we can use ITunes there.

p0sixspwn Can’t run because mac only supports 64 bit applications now …

Ah, Apple being Apple again. That’s ok just shutdown your macbook and swap the drive out for your spare and run disc recovery on it so we can get back to High Sierra. NOW we can jailbreak.

LMAO no. You need to use ITunes for the exploit to work. Your ITunes is too new.

No point giving up after coming this far. I guess we can use Windows. Luckily, we can use Bootcamp that comes installed with mac to create a Windows partition! All we gotta do is …

Close, but no cigar. You need to update to the latest version of MacOs for Bootcamp to work.

Fine. take more of my time. After sitting through all the windows bullcrap to get it set up, I can finally install the right version of ITunes and the p0sixspwn exploit. Plugging in my iPod touch and running the exploit gives me cydia! I finally got it jailbroken. Time to use

to add music from my computer to my iPod.

Hold on. If all you wanted to do was add music … why didn’t you just use ITunes?

Joking aside this was pretty fun! Adding music from my computer without using ITunes feels pretty liberating.

The whole process reminded me of this reply I found on Reddit

how safe is jailbreaking

Take a Break From Meatspace

My journey of jailbreaking my iPod touch way after everyone stopped caring

By Collin, 2021-06-22